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LET’S  start the Autumn!

Although it’s still early fall and the weather is still pretty warm, and some states haven’t gotten the memo yet, it is hard not to think about the future. I think the country shares a general consensus that 2020 should be over. However, with the passage of time comes a whole new set of styles and looks we can look forward to NEW TRENDS.

As the Summer months cool off and the leaves start falling, we switch out our summer outfits in our cozy layering looks.

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Here are some AW trends to help welcome in the upcoming months, which may or may not be a trip down memory lane.


That is the great thing about fashion; every so often, we see a style trend resurface and hang around for a few years.


Just because the months are colder doesn’t mean you are limited in color choices.



In my opinion, these boots never went out of style, but I am glad other people recognize the elegance of them. Some may argue these shoes may make others appear shorter; I think if paired with the right skirt, you will have a classic look.

Combat Boots

combat boot
Rag & Bon

Hope you found the right Autumn 2020 trends worth buying this season. Check online stores and start shopping now!