Your Definitive Trend Guide to Fall 2020 Shoes!

The fashion world has changed drastically this year. Many brand & show launches are happening online, and people have taken to social distancing as a norm of life. As we start stepping out and showing off our fashionable side, it’s time to new things for the closet. In this post, we are sharing some of the best shoe trends of fall 2020.

Lace up boots

1 Lace up boots

Valentine, Rochas, and many other brands focused on the standard lace-up boots, which can be teamed with almost any kind of fall look. Pair these shoes with your trench coats or ditch the sneakers with denims this time. Lace-up boots also work incredibly well with almost any kind of fall dress or skirts. If you are a fan of fun dresses, view more here. Lace up boots in the more combat style is currently in huge vogue and are great for days when you are expected to be on the toes!


2 Thigh high

The beauty of thigh-high boots lies in its appeal. This is one of those fall trends that keep coming back to the runways time and again, so matter the style, you can safely buy one for your closet. Alexander McQueen and Victoria Beckham were some of the brands that worked with the style, but you can literally buy anything from online stores or your favorite label. Think of faux leather, or something like fur trims as your go-to option


3 Flatforms


MSGM and Erdem were some of the top names that worked with flatforms. Flatforms may not seem overtly feminine, but there is enough to appreciate in terms of design and comfort. You could be wearing flatforms all day long and without stressing your heels. Flatforms work great with any kind of casual pants, skirts, or even dresses, and you can select something that’s vibrant and colourful, which can be paired for different looks.

4 The amazing link

Chain links for shoes, boots, and other styles, were a top accessory for fall shoes in 2020. There is so much to love in such designs that you will be spoilt for choices. Chains became a thing in handbags a few seasons back, and it seems that large, big chain links are the trendiest element in town. When you are wearing a basic pair of boots, that extra element of zing definitely adds to the glamour.

Massive platforms

5 Massive platforms

Just like flatforms, platforms are versatile, stylish, appealing, and comfortable at the same time. You need to try platforms for two reasons – one, this trend never really goes out of vogue, and secondly, you can choose to go as bright, playful, and stylish as you want. The heel of your platform doesn’t have to be boring either – for years, designers worked with fun and happening heel styles.

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Author’s Bio: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and style expert for The House of Elegance Fashion. She has worked with many online magazines and blogs as a guest author and writer on everything related to glamour.