In 1926, Coco Chanel recreated the little black dress as we know it today when she designed a simple, short black dress that was published in Vogue. Prior to the 1920s, black was strictly reserved for times of mourning. The fashion bible described the dress as “Chanel’s Ford” after the Model T, because like Henry Ford’s popular car of that time, Chanel’s LBD was accessible to women of all social classes. Vogue described it as “the frock that all the world will wear” and boy, were they right. The legacy of the LBD has undisputedly stood the test of time, remaining the singular most iconic fashion item that transcends age, size and occasion. Its versatility and figure-flattering qualities for women of all shapes and sizes means Chanel’s timeless little black dress remains the most dependable, go-to item in any women’s wardrobe to this day.