Creating my Flat lays I absolutely enjoyed, I grabbed some magazines that I liked, accessories, cosmetics and the Vocabulary of Style written by Jerome Gautier that is inspires me. Discover your aesthetic and create your own story you will be quite surprise of your creation!


I would love to see one of your own Flat Lays creation!

You can take a photo of anything that inspires you or what you really like.

A flat is basically when you’re shooting items from directly above. Usually those items will be arranged or styled on a flat surface.

Do a bit of styling. Look at what is laid out in front of you and see how you can make it more visually appealing. Do you want the focus to be in the centre of the photo?

As with any photography, pay attention to your lighting. Natural light is beautiful, so why not move your arrangement closer to a window. Or if you’re heading out to a cafe for the day, pick a light table area to sit.

Let me show you a few examples…

IMG 7348
IMG 7503
IMG 4410