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“I want to thank each and every one of you reading this, and for choosing to get through the pages of my creation and I hope you will fill inspired.”

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Laura Tenovici is an experienced International fashion stylist, and fashion consultant with a contemporary taste level and clear understanding of fashion trends, editorials, commercial, and  beauty, based in Dubai & London.

She is driven, creative and ambitious with many years of experience in the industry.

Born and raised in Romania, Laura she study Plastic & Decorative Arts and later at the Academy of International Business, Laura began her fashion career at the age of 17 years old.

A positive multitasker with strong interpersonal skills who can easily adopt to new situations while being in fashion since 12 years she had a strong modelling career working with Fashion Tv – Romania, Dior, Lancome, Benefit, Chopard  -Shanghai, Kouture Milke -Istanbul, Vogue -Coolbear, Vogue- India Este Couture, Kansai Yamamato,  Parham Ramezani- Dubai, Apparel Fashion Show, Arab Fashion Week, Fashion League, BBC TV – Fashion Show, among others.

During the years in the fashion business, her knowledge deepened in fashion styling and feel of high quality and fit become stronger.

She decided to study Advanced  Fashion at London College of Style to become more comprehensive as a fashion stylist and begin the network.

IMG 4257 Throughout her working career she is dedicated with a strong passion for the fashion industry who can provide innovative editorials style, wardrobe styling, advertising, trend reports, theme inspiration and creative – Art direction.

Recognised for her unique  ability to meld sophistication and playfulness, Laura collaborated on a stunning array of editorials with Pentagon Magazine, Phoenix Magazine, Nicotine NY, Streets Magazine, Vogue India, Afi Magazine, Soltice Magazin, MFW – assisting fashion show styling JordanLuca, advertising EMMAR -The Address Residence, La Marquise, among others.

As a stylist, she imbues her work with a deep knowledge and love of historical and modern art, all the things that have inspired her and how this journey led to write  this blog.

“The passion that I have it make me more a believer and confident and being my self is the most important thing that you can learn.”

-The Dream Catcher-

Is not about the Native American cultures is about don’t give up and Catch your Dream sooner or later it would come, we have to be passion and dedicated to achieve our dreams..


I hope my blog reaches people who share my obsession with all things fashionable and who dare to dream just like me!

Dear rider, I wish you a beautiful journey and I hope I will hear all the best from you!

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LaraTenovici.com is a self -title blog and a creative style to share my experience in fashion, style, travel, beauty & lifestyle.