The Best Hair Trends 2018

 With fashion constantly changing and evolving, we women sometimes need a change as well. Perhaps a change of style or something bolder like a new hair style?!

  After all the searching I found the …

“The coolest hair trends from the spring 2018 runways—

Fallow along as we track the best hair looks from the spring 2018 runways.

1.Return of the Scrunchie

The humble scrunchie made a return to the runways this season at the Mansur Gavriel show. By the end of 2017, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin had released her own line of fuzzy scrunchies. In 2018, it’s safe to say the polarizing accessory is back for good. The 2018 version should be worn and fastened with purpose and done in a luxe finish like silk or velvet.


2.The Boyish Bang

At Moschino, Prada, Fendi, and Tom Ford, models stormed the runways in faux-cuts and choppy bangs that had a decidedly boyish quality to them.

















3.Going Retro

For haircut and style inspiration in the coming year you should look to years past. Ends are rolled-under or flipped out, and cuts are blunter than ever, harkening back to the early ’90s in the most fashion-forward way.

3.Going Retro



Know Your Limits

Look through photos of hairstyles, print them, clip them, and take them with you to your appointment. It’s true that a picture says a thousand words. I think it’s important to give your hairstylist a little creative freedom to make suggestions, but it’s more important that you get a new style that you love. Here are some things to think about:

  • Bangs. Changing your fringe may be just the ticket to a great hairstyle change. Bangs, when done right, are stylish and can compliment just about any face shape. Whether you love bangs or hate them, make sure you communicate the things you like and dislike when talking to your stylist.
  • Layers. One of the biggest mistakes people make about their hairstyle is fear of layers. As we get older, layers can frame the face in a complimentary way, create depth, enhance body, and define a desirable shape in your hair. When layers are properly chosen, they can make thick hair easier to manage and give thin hair a fuller appearance.
  • Bob. The bob haircut is here to stay. It can be as edgy or simple as your personal style. Bob haircuts are easy to style, look polished with just a little effort, and can compliment just about any hair type and face shape. It’s also a great style to consider when you want to try something shorter, but don’t want to commit to “too short”.
  • Short hair. Short hair can be sexy, feminine, edgy, romantic, and beautiful. When you’re ready for something easy to style with a lot of personalities, a short haircut can be a great answer. If your hair has always been long, short hair can be a refreshing new start. Make sure you discuss your short hair ideas with your stylist and ask her to help you decide what type of short haircut will best compliment your face shape, hair type, and individual style.
  • Color. Nothing can change your looks like a fresh new color, face brightening highlights, or a lowlight with depth. Once again, it’s equally important to talk to your stylist about colors you love and colors you hate. Do you like red? How red? Does the thought of blond hair make your stomach turn? Define dark. Make sure that you and your stylist are speaking the same language when choosing your color. Her definition of copper and yours could be very different.
  • Maintenance. Maintaining your new look could mean the difference in getting something you love and something you hate. Talk to your stylist about regular cut and color maintenance to keep your look fresh. Is this new look budget friendly? Do you have the products and tools necessary to style your new look?

Own Your New Updated Look

When completely changing your look, it can be a shocking experience, especially if you’ve had the same hairstyle for a long time (or since the beginning of time). Work with your new style and try not to go back to the same habits that pushed you to a makeover to begin with. Take note of the things you like about your new style, the things that aren’t working for you, and keep communicating with your hair stylist. It may take a few appointments to get every detail just right. Above all, enjoy a new, fresh look. Show it off, have fun, and let your new hairstyle inspire an overall new image and a new improved you. Experiment with new makeup colors and perhaps a new outfit. You’ll find that a new hairstyle can just be the beginning of a brand new you.

13 Reasons Why Women Change Their Hairstyles Often!


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The Best Makeup Trends for Spring 2018


tom-ford-bks-m-rs18-3278-1504801586Makeup artist Pat McGrath, called the glittery black eyeliner look at Tom Ford “slightly dangerous, but  very expensive”. This bubbly cat-eye with a rounded wing may just be the new makeup trend of the season (only time will tell ) -and is pretty east to DIY. Backstage, makeup artist first drew the shape with a black liner (liquid is easiest), and then used an eye gloss as glue  to help the glittery eyeshadowstick.

Tom Ford EyeShadow Quad in Titanium Smoke.




Smudgy brown liner was rimmed all the way around the eyes, then paired with a light nude lipstick, backstage at Tory Burch.



Backstage at Alexander Wang, makeup artist Diane Kendal wanted the girls to look positively health and fresh. That meant a peachy liquid blushed swept across the entire cheekbone a new Orgasm lip balm, swiped across lips and a sparkly loose Orgasm highlither (coming soon) swept across the eyelids for a warm, subtle glow.

NARS Cosmetics: liquid blush in luster.




One of the biggest trends emerging from NYFW is unusual eyeliner, like this half-backed graphic cat-eye seen at Jill Stuard.



Hours before the Jason Wu show, makeup artist Yadim got a text from Yu  himself ask him to switch up the entire beauty look. Instead of just creating glow, bronzed skin – he wanted to add a graphic element. Yadim whipped up this:  a rounded, dark green cat-eye that looked as if it has been stamped on with a pinky finger.

Maybeline NY the city mini platte in urban jungle.




Pink eye makeup will continue to trend in to spring 2018, if Brock collection’s rosy beauty look is any indication.



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It’s that time of the year again, boys and girls! Halloween is slowly creeping up on us. Do you have your costume planned out? Are you ready for the Trick-or-Treaters? Will you be attending any Halloween parties this year?

If you still have no idea what to do for Halloween costumes, haven’t bought candy to hand out, and have zero plans for Halloween Eve (after all, Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year) that’s ok. We’ve got a bit of inspiration for you, here on my blog.
Check out some serious costume inspirations Halloween Guides, costume ideas that the top models wore this year.

If you didn’t see yet the new Tom Cruise movie, you have to see it! My Halloween costume inspiration came from there, whether or not the new female mummy Ahmanet was a real person might be on your mind. After all, the Egyptian princess has a pretty detailed backstory.

However, it’s worth noting that the character’s name does sound similar to an ancient Egyptian goddess, Amunet, who Egyptian Mythology A-Z describes as “The wife of Amun in the creation myth of the OGDOAD. Amunet and her husband represented ‘hiddenness.’” The “hiddenness” aspect sounds relevant to the character, who is buried deep beneath the ground as a mummy before the movie begins. The writing on Ahmanet’s body comes from the ancient Egyptian funerary text Book of the Dead and “the incantation asking the dead to come and help her,

Further, I decided this year to create my own costume! I hope you like it! and will give you some inspiration for next year, all that I need it was a scissor, white top, white trousers, white short pants, bandages, white & black paint, cream shoes but you can wear white as well.
For the makeup, I used Naked Foundation: NARS, NAKED PALETTE, EYELINER MAKEUP 4 EVER, MAC PENCIL.

Halloween is the one night where any fashion girl can be extra bold — unicorn onesie — totally stylish, or skip the fuss completely and simply wear cat ears. Regardless of the choice, style always comes in to play.



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